Trump’s Trumps Trump Trump

Donald Trump called a press conference today to announce his vice presidential running mate, a pick that came as no surprise to reporters.Left19830600925_e1c93a2946_z

Standing in the lobby of Trump Tower, Trump was ecstatic. “This is hyyyuuuuge! Gather around everyone and say hello to Trump Two! I cloned me! What a terrific idea! I’m very smart!  But enough about me. I’ll step aside while my running mate, me, tells you how terrific I am!”


“Hello, losers! I’m Donald Trump and I’m your next vice president. Get used to me and Donald making America so great you’ll want to puke! We’ll surround ourselves with the best minds! Wait, I have a better idea! More Donalds! Imagine a whole Cabinet full of Secretary me’s! Top military brass? General Me, Admiral Me, the Joint Me’s of Me! White House kitchen staff? Twelve me’s and one Mexican rapist dishwasher! Terrific!”


Sounding pleased with his creation, the original Trump was not to be outdone. “That was my idea all along! Let me introduce you to Trump Three, the third in a long line of me!”

“Good morning, I have a hyyyuuuuge announcement! Trump Two and I have reached a deal. We will be your co-presidents, so suck it Trump One! You’re fired!”



“Not so fast Two and Three! I anticipated this so I brought some muscle with me. Trumps Four, Five and Six, get over there and toss those losers out of our press conference!”19830600925_e1c93a2946_z

With that, Trumps Two through Six beat the crap out of Trump One, a development the original seemed to take in stride.

“I love these guys! They’re so me! Now who waDownnts to lease me a kidney?”