Citing Dickometer Furor, North Carolina Tourism Council Will Promote South Carolina Tourism

The State of South Carolina got a big boost today when the North Carolina Tourism Council announced that, from now on, it will promote South Carolina tourism. Gerald Holt, a spokesman for the NCTC, said the Council took the unusual step out of frustration with Governor Pat McCrory’s stance on transgender bathroom use. 26428423704_7eed74f13c_z

“Tourism in North Carolina has become too tough a sell. I mean, who wants to visit a state that posts a cop with a Dickometer at every public restroom. I know I don’t want some stranger checking my junk every time I have to tinkle.”

When Governor McCrory was informed of the Council’s move, he released a statement threatening the NCTC.

“If the NCTC chooses to promote South Carolina tourism I will be left with no choice but to redirect their funding to the State’s Dickometer initiative, which aims to provide a Dickometer to each of the 75,000 police officers we will post at North Carolina’s public restrooms. We will protect the children of this state even if it means a lot of cops standing around with their Dickometers in their hands.”

Immediately upon learning of the move by the North Carolina Tourism Council, the South Carolina Tourism Council launched a new ad campaign:

“South Carolina! Compared to North Carolina, We’re Pennsylvania!”