McConnell Vows to Limit Obama to Two Terms



Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell told Politico today that his only goal between now and November will be to prevent Barack Obama from winning a third term. McConnell said he expects to have more success than he did in 2010 when his goal was to prevent President Obama from winning a second term.

“America can’t afford another four years of Barack Obama’s failed policies. He’s lucky he’s had a Republican Congress to obstruct him from not adding millions of jobs to the economy, not getting Bin Laden and not lowering gas prices. But we can only obstruct him from not doing so much. We can’t be expected to not not do everything around here. Eight years of this president is enough. Also, he’s Muslim, so…”

McConnell also weighed in on the possibility of Donald Trump’s incendiary rhetoric causing control of the Senate to change hands from the Republicans to the Democrats.

“I don’t agree with everything Donald Trump says but I will tell you one thing: Hillary Clinton would be much harder to not work with than Barack Obama, and if Donald Trump is president we’re going to get so much more not done, you’re not going to believe it. That’s not to say it’s not okay to not insult wide swaths of American voters. It’s not, or it’s not not. Or it’s not not not. Honestly, I forget.”