Scorned by Trump, Bernie Sanders Challenges 10 Year-Old to Debate

Actual Photo of Becky

Bernie Sanders has a plan B, and her name is Becky. Shortly after Donald Trump closed the door on a debate with Bernie Sanders, Sanders went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to challenge 10 year-old Becky Pearson to debate him on national television. Sanders told Kimmel he wants to debate Becky Tuesday night before her 9 p.m. bedtime.

“The American people deserve to see for themselves the major differences between me and this precocious pint-sized pawn of the political establishment. I look forward to exposing Ms. Pearson’s wrong-headed positions in favor of unlimited homework, shortened recess, and free trade.”

Pearson, a student at McKinley Elementary School in Gridley, California, first drew Sanders’ attention two weeks ago when she served as a superstudent who supported Hillary Clinton in Mrs. Brink’s 4th grade class mock election. After Clinton bested Sanders by four votes, the Vermont senator cried foul and filed a lawsuit claiming the election was rigged.

A reporter for the Gridley Herald reached Pearson at home.

“Mr. Sanders seems like a nice man but he shouldn’t debate a little kid. I’d clean his clock. His proposals for free college, free healthcare and free tooty fruity ice cream would bankrupt America. Trust me, Bernie, you don’t want Becky all up in your grill. Besides, I have Girl Scouts Tuesday night.”