Paul Ryan Un-EndorsesTrump

Actual Photo of Paul Ryan Appearing Sincere

Following the lead of Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced today that he is no longer supporting Donald Trump for President. Speaking to 12 year-old Robbie Stinson, a newspaper boy in his home town, Janesville, Wisconsin, Ryan pulled no punches.

“Donald Trump is wrong when he says Judge Gonzalo Curiel should be disqualified from hearing the case against Trump University, just because he’s a Mexican. First of all, there’s no proof he is a Mexican. For all we know he could be merely Hispanic. Or he could lean Latino. Or maybe the guy just likes Mexican food. I like Mexican food. Does that disqualify me from doing my job? Sure it does. However, when the Republican nominee uses race in a blatant attempt to divide Americans, someone has to draw the line. And now that Senator Kirk has drawn it, I feel comfortable lightly tracing over it.”

Ryan went on to explain to Robbie how democracy works.

“If Mr. Trump had used race to divide Americans the right way, he wouldn’t be in this mess. All he had to do was accuse President Obama of being a Mexi-Kenyan, complain about Mexican drug mules taking decent, high-paying jobs from American drug mules, and fake his own death at the hands of a Mexican, or a Canadian, either way. That’s the kind of thing we do in Congress all the time. The sooner Donald Trump figures that out, the sooner I’ll re-endorse him and the sooner I’ll get back to figuring out how I’m going to explain myself to my grandkids. I’m open to suggestions, Robbie.”