McConnell: Blame Obama for Gridlock

Actual Photo of Mitch McConnell Doing Jazz Hand

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell made a shocking revelation today when he told Bill O’Reilly that Republicans in Congress have spent the last seven years blocking President Obama’s agenda because Obama is “out of touch with racists.”

Appearing on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, McConnell argued that Obama is to blame for Washington gridlock. “If the president reached out to those who hate him for the color of his skin maybe we could get some things done around here.”

When O’Reilly asked how the president could reach out to racists, the Kentucky senator pointed to his own constituents. “A lot of Republicans in my state are racists and every one of them would love it if the president admitted, ‘You’re right, I’m a card carrying Kenyan communist and I want to destroy your way of life. Sorry, I resign.’ How hard would that be?”

 McConnell then suggested another group the president should embrace. “Climate deniers. They’re willing to compromise but the president refuses to listen to them. And a lot of them are racists too, so bringing them on board would be doubly good for the president.”

McConnell went on to outline his plan for working with the president to solve climate change. “The cleaner the air the more sunlight hits the ground so let’s start browning the air. Let’s burn more coal, leave our lawnmowers running, go around lighting things on fire: old tires, liberals, government buildings, liberals, that sort of thing. This is the same common sense stuff the people of Kentucky do for fun. Working together we can solve this. But try telling Obama that.”