Sarah Palin Calls Obama “Special Kind of Stupid,” Totally Misses Irony

Actual Photo of Sarah Palin Giving Directions

In a Facebook post yesterday, Sarah Palin lashed out at President Obama, labeling him “a special kind of stupid” after Obama called on Congress to enact common sense gun legislation following the Orlando nightclub shooting. Palin, who is widely credited with popularizing stupidity in the conservative movement, explained her reasoning in a series of voice-mails left at thefloydspin‘s social media bureau.

“Hello? Hello, I’m the former Governor Palin and almost first lady vice-president of America and also Alaska so, you know, when I call Obama stupid I say it with no due respect because it’s like my mama, Mrs. Palin, always used to say, ‘stupid is as stupid.’ And she was so very right. So to sum up, also, I just thought of something else.”

Palin then hung up, only to call back minutes later.

“Hello? Hello? How did I get this number? So to sum up, I know Obama’s stupid cause I know stupid and I’m not afraid to look stupid in the eye every morning and say, ‘nice boobs for an old lady!’ Which also that reminds me of a joke I heard. Knock, knock! That one cracks me up!”

Palin then hung up once more and, once more, called back.

“Hello? Hello? Don’t make me block this number! Also, to sum up, hello, hello, Facebook, vice-president of America, Obama, Benghazi, mom, knock knock, nice boobs.”