House Republicans Miffed at Democrats’ Sit-in

Actual Photo of Paul Ryan Contemplating Tang

Democrats on the floor of the House of Representatives have angered Republicans by interrupting critically important government business to stage a sit-in protesting the lack of legislative action on gun control. House Speaker Paul Ryan was visibly upset when thefloydspin‘s Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief interrupted him as he was pretending not to hear a question from another reporter about his support for Donald Trump.

“Look, the American people need to understand that obstructionist democrats are keeping the House from voting on a whole litany of bills that would make real differences in real people’s lives. This sit-in reeks of the same kind of cheap political theater that went on in the 60’s during the so-called ‘civil rights’ movement, and look where that ended up.”

Ryan rattled off numerous important pieces of legislation currently before the House.

“Thanks to this silly obsession democrats have with guns, the people’s House won’t get to vote on naming the new Post Office in Wakashaw, Arizona, or on giving Congress a raise, or on making pudding the national pudding. And most importantly, we won’t get to vote on creating a Benghazi Committee Committee Committee to investigate the Benghazi Committee Committee’s investigation of the Benghazi Committee’s investigation of Benghazi. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves.”