Racist Calls Black Lives Matter Racist

Actual Photo of the KKK Evening Gown Competition

Ted Stringer knows racism when he sees it. The Mississippi Ku Klux Klansman has been voted “Racist of the Year” by his Biloxi chapter peers for three years running, which Stringer says qualifies him as an authority on racism within the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Damn straight they’re racists! Any group that goes around complaining about white people needs to look in the mirror and ask themselves ‘Why am I so mad at whites for enslaving me, keeping me from voting and shooting me four times in the chest over a broken tail light?’ If they’re honest with themselves they’ll see the problem is not white racists, the problem is black racists stealing racism from white racists.”

Stringer called for an end to black privilege and a return to good racism in America.

“The problem with racism is it’s colorblind. Anybody can be a racist. Some of my best friends are racists. Hell, all of my best friends are racists. So are my wife, my kids and my dog. My cat acts like a racist, but I don’t trust him, he’s a cat. My point is these Black Lives Matter racists are giving racism a bad name. They’re taking good old-fashioned white racism, twisting it up and throwing it back in our faces. We need to take back our racism! It’s time this country had a national conversation about race. It’s time for all white Americans, white and white, to stand together and lift our voices in praise of one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for whites!”

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