Trump: I Meant Let’s Give Guns the Vote

Actual Photo of a Brand New Trump Voter

Donald Trump is doing his best to clean up a remark he made today that, to many people with ears, seemed to constitute a threat against Hillary Clinton. After both Republicans and Democrats condemned Trump for suggesting gun owners should target Secretary Clinton if she is elected President, Trump went on Fox News to tell Sean Hannity what he really meant.

“I meant Second Amendment people should register their guns to vote. That’s all. Guns should have the right to vote like everybody else. Look, there are over two hundred and seventy million guns in America and if every one of them voted I’d win this thing in a landslide. And by the way, many people are saying guns are way overdue. We gave the vote to women, Hispanics, blacks, Japanese, Asians, Mexicans, people making less than a hundred grand, African Americans, women, black women, etcetera, so it’s past time, don’t you think?”

When Hannity asked Trump if his remarks might be misinterpreted by an unstable person, Trump shot back.

“I’m stable! Who says I’m not stable? You know I have some Second Amendment friends who would love to talk to you about that, Sean, which is another way of saying guns should vote. Go guns! Get it? You know I’m joking with you, right? I’m a very funny man. BANG!!! Ha ha ha! You flinched! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

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