Ann Coulter: If Trump Loses, Blame Hillary for Voter Fraud

Actual Photo of Ann Coulter Ignoring  the Voices

Ann Coulter has this whole thing figured out. Speaking this morning to a bookstore full of Donald Trump supporters, Coulter, who is promoting her book In Trump We Trust or Bankruptcy, It Sure Beats Poverty, said if Mr. Trump loses the election it will be because Hillary Clinton will have personally voted for herself over and over and over. And over.

“I fully expect Hillary Clinton to vote somewhere between twenty-three and twenty-four million times on November 9th. And that doesn’t even count all the absentee ballots she is filling out right now. The woman has eight arms and she’s using every one of them to mark fraudulent ballots.  How else do you explain the fact that Donald Trump is way ahead in my head, yet he’s still expected to lose? I mean, I’ve got him up by ninety-three points overall with ninety-eight percent of the black vote, ninety-nine percent of the white vote and over one hundred and twelve percent of the other black vote.”

Asked to explain how Trump could garner one hundred and twelve percent of any group, Coulter was ready with a three fifths non-racist answer.

“Black people aren’t very good at math and saying that doesn’t make me racist because some of my best friends are mathematicians. Honestly, in my head, almost nobody is voting for Clinton, unless you count people outside my head, which I don’t because counting people outside my head always upsets the people inside my head, and you don’t want to get on the bad side of those racist bastards, let me tell you!”

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