Trump Blames Clinton for “Obama’s a Mexican” Rumor

Actual Photo of Donald Trump Not in the Act of Lying

Donald Trump is blaming Hillary Clinton for starting the false rumor that President Obama is a Mexican. Minutes after he caused a media firestorm when he himself suggested the president is Mexican, Trump called a surprise press conference to point a small finger at Clinton.

“Look, when I said Obama was a Mexican I was repeating something Crooked Hillary has said for decades. So true. Also, when is she going to release her tax returns? And why isn’t somebody looking into her blatant racism, her failed Atlantic City casino and that big fat check she wrote to the Florida Attorney General, which she then tried to cover up by cheating on her first or second wife with her second or third wife, I forget which. There is something very fishy going on here and that fish is Hillary Clinton.”

Determined to avoid the scrutiny of an increasingly skeptical press corps, Trump abruptly excused himself.

“I’d love to stick around but I’m very busy leading the way on children’s healthcare, free college tuition and raising the minimum wage. Stronger together!”


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