Trump Campaign Manager: Hillary Can’t Prove She Didn’t Kill JFK, RFK, MLK and Lincoln

Actual Photo of a Bad Thing Clinton Can’t Prove She Didn’t Do

Donald Trump’s campaign manager pulled no punches yesterday when she went on Meet the Press to accuse Hillary Clinton of starting the birther movement – and much worse. Kellyanne Conway told Chuck Todd that Clinton came up with the birther idea while lying on a grassy knoll near the Texas School Book Depository waiting for President Kennedy’s motorcade to pass by.

“November 22, 1963. Shots rang out in Dallas, shocking the nation. Now I’m not saying Hillary pulled the trigger because everybody knows Ted Cruz’s dad did that. But Clinton has never explained her whereabouts on that day. Of course, whether Hillary Clinton was directly involved with the assassinations of both Kennedys, Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln is not the point. She was. The point is she can’t prove she didn’t start the birther movement on the same day she can’t prove she didn’t shoot JFK.”

Conway went on to list several other bad things Clinton can’t prove she didn’t do.

“The Hindenburg, Pearl Harbor, French food, the 70’s, blisters, Hurricane Camille, Justin Bieber, the first Star Trek movie, male pattern baldness, pergo, old person smell, the third Star Trek movie and herpes. Her failure to prove she didn’t do all that should be troubling to all patriotic, gullible Americans.”

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