Clinton Body Double Playing Trump in Debate Prep

Actual Photo of Hillary I
Actual Photo of Hillary II









We now know who is playing Donald Trump in Hillary Clinton’s debate prep. An anonymous source close to the Clinton campaign has revealed the Trump doppelganger is none other than Clinton’s own doppelganger, the Hillary clone who has appeared in public each time the original Clinton has suffered a major medical episode. The source offered thefloydspin an exclusive peek inside the campaign’s strategy.

“We think it’s a great idea! Remember when Hillary had pneumonia and the stroke and Ebola and when her head temporarily fell off and had to be Krazy glued back on? Needless to say, she wasn’t feeling up to the rigors of appearing in public, so we deployed Hillary II. Naturally, it made sense that when it came time to pick someone to play Trump, we’d want someone smart and tough and familiar with Hillary’s own way of thinking. Hillary II fit the bill perfectly.”

The source suggested the strategy’s success might lead to an even bigger role for Hillary II.

“It’s worked out so well that now we’re thinking about letting Hillary II do the debate Monday night. She’s been wiping the floor with Hillary I in the mock debates. In fact, some have suggested we let Hillary II run the country after Hillary I wins the election. Of course, Hillarys III, IV, and V might have something to say about that.”

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