Trump Challenges Pence to a Debate

Actual Photo of Mike Pence Touching Jeff Sessions Appropriately

Donald Trump won’t take this lying down. The Republican standard bearer is upset with comparisons between Mike Pence’s debate performance Tuesday night and the disastrous showing Trump had against Hillary Clinton in their first debate. Trump told thefloydspin  he wants to settle the question of who is the better debater once and for all.

“Mike Pence, such a lightweight, no way he wins face to face with, and by the way who told him he could debate in the first, and I didn’t say, I didn’t, in writing say he, and that’s not, I mean okay he made a couple of good, which, you know, which but which but which but, so if Mike Pence really thinks he’s you know, he better, you know, which many many many many people are saying I won the Vice Presidential and I wasn’t even, so I Donald J. Trump formally challenge Mike Pence to a you know, which I will win and which maybe I take this off my taxes which but which, by the way, but.”

When thefloydspin asked Pence if he thought it wise of Trump to challenge him, Pence deployed the same tactic he used successfully against Tim Kaine Tuesday night.

“Donald Trump didn’t say that.”



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