Pence Accuses Raddatz of Quoting Him

Actual Photo of Mike Pence Not Saying What He’s Saying

Mike Pence won’t stand idly by while Martha Raddatz accurately quotes him. When Raddatz – who co-moderated last night’s presidential debate along with Anderson Cooper – quoted Pence’s statement from last week’s vice-presidential debate asserting a Trump administration would use military force to confront Russian aggression in Syria, Donald Trump said Pence was wrong, thus opening a foreign policy rift between the nominee and his running mate. Speaking both on and off the record simultaneously, Pence took Raddatz to task for saying he said something he said.

“How dare Martha Raddatz quote what I said! This is another example of the liberal media saying I said something I said when clearly I didn’t say what I said, especially if I said it. And for them to say Donald Trump said he disagrees with something I said, whether he or I said what he or I did or didn’t say, well that says to me this is a ‘he said, she said he said’ situation, but if you quote me on that I’ll say you didn’t say I said what you said I said, whether you said I said it or not. Do you see what I’m saying?”

Informed of Pence’s statement, a Trump campaign spokesman offered a committed non-committal response.

“You don’t say!”

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