Darrell Issa Tattoos ‘I’m With Her’ on His Butt

Actual Photo of Darrell Issa with His Pants On

It is written, in ink. Darrell Issa, the California Republican Congressman who is fighting to hold his seat after years spent obstructing President Obama’s agenda, now claims he will work hand in hand with Hillary Clinton if she’s elected president. And to prove he’s serious, Issa dropped his pants this morning to show the press his brand new “I’m With Her” tattoo. The tattoo, which covers most of Issa’s left buttock, depicts the Clinton campaign logo crammed into the outline of a heart. Issa told skeptical reporters his love for Clinton is true and enduring.

“Don’t be shy, come closer. Look at that beauty! Don’t worry, it won’t bite. Take all the pictures you want. It’s important for voters to know the depth of my feelings for Hillary. I call her Hillary because we’re on a first name basis and her first name is Hillary. We connect on a deeply personal level. In fact, I find Hillary extremely attractive. And I’m not just talking about her big beautiful brain!”

Issa drove his point home with a disturbing demonstration.

“Hey, watch what happens when I flex! It’s like my heart is beating for Hillary, only it’s my ass!”

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