Thefloydspin Endorses Trump for President!

Actual Photo of the Next Leader of the Free World

Purely out of self-interest, thefloydspin is endorsing Donald Trump for President of the United States. Thefloydspin has taken the unprecedented post-election step of endorsing the guy voted most likely to date rape a country because, while it is achingly clear our soon to be numbskull-in-chief is breathtakingly unqualified, his election presents a target rich environment the likes of which we haven’t seen since Nixon practically begged the snarky class to “sock it to me!” That’s right, this isn’t about what’s good for America, this is about all the fun we’re going to have sticking it to Trump and his merry band of bumbling buffoons and borderline Breitbart bigots!

Readers will undoubtedly question the wisdom of this endorsement, but let’s face it, if thefloydspin valued our readers opinions we would have become a clearing house for furry porn long ago. Instead, we at thefloydspin will eagerly climb aboard the Trump train, throw our hands into the air, tilt our heads back and laugh our asses off as we all plunge headlong into the gaping abyss. Think of it as showing our support for the new president.

So, as the shock of Trump’s victory morphs into fear, despair and Canada envy, we at thefloydspin look forward to the opportunity to sock it to President Trump every chance we get. And make no mistake, we’re going to get a lot of chances. Hang on, America, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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