Trump Transition Uses “Joker Job Interviews” in Hiring Process

Actual Photo of Trump’s Human Resources Manager

The Donald Trump transition just got real. Amid reports of a chaotic operation beset by internal power struggles and deep ideological divides, the president-elect has settled on a novel way to fill the more than four thousand executive branch posts that have to be manned by inauguration day. A source inside the transition gave thefloydspin a detailed account of Trump’s new “Joker Job Interview” approach.

“Remember that scene in Batman when the Joker breaks the pool cue stick and makes two guys fight it out for one job? That’s what he’s doing with the transition. Literally. Trump is putting guys in a room in the basement of Trump Tower and they’re fighting it out with broken cue sticks. No one’s been killed yet but it’s just a matter of time. I’m sure you noticed the nasty gash on Reince Preibus’ forehead Monday morning. That was no accident. Steve Bannon did that. Fortunately for America, Bannon has trouble going to his left, so Preibus is Trump’s chief of staff.”

The prospect of cabinet positions being filled in this way has some Democrats elated. Outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid told thefloydspin he can’t wait for Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton to go at it for the Secretary of State job.

“I wish I could be there when those two knuckleheads fight it out. Of course my money’s on Giuliani. I hear he cheats at pool.”

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