Sean Spicer: Trump to Make America Even Safer by Banning the Truth

Actual Photo of the Secret Trump Handshake

“President” Trump never met an executive order he didn’t like. In a dramatic expansion of his executive order on immigration, Trump will now ban all truthful statements, scientific facts and differing opinions from entering the United States. Press secretary Sean Spicer told thefloydspin the move is designed to keep America safe.

“Look, the only way we make it through these dangerous times is if we all shut up, pull together, shut up, do what we’re told and shut up. It’s easy. The Germans did it. And look at the Republican leadership in Congress. A couple of months ago they were all convinced Donald Trump was a racist, fascist demagogue. Now, they act like he’s the greatest thing since sliced white bread. Did Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell suddenly change their minds? Please! They just realized that after Donald Trump’s 25 million vote victory, the truth isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. America doesn’t want the truth. America wants a Great Leader who will lead America to greatness. As sure as my initials are SS, that leader is Donald Trump!”

Spicer hinted at even further expansion of Trump’s ban.

“Watch out, California, we’ve got our eye on you!”

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