Another Excerpt from the Turnbull-Trump Phone Call Released

Actual Photo of an Over Overrated Lady

Thefloydspin has obtained the second of three excerpts from the transcript of the phone call that took place recently between “President” Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The excerpt reveals much about Trump’s diplomatic skill.

Trump: Yes, I’m very smart, very smart. Hitler was definitely born in Australia.

Turnbull: Austria. Mr. President, I wonder if you’ve given much thought to how we can work together to strengthen our economic and military partnership as we work together to face the complex challenges presented us by a world in turmoil.

Trump: What were we talking about, Mervin?

Turnbull: Um, you were saying you will honor your predecessor’s commitment to accept 1250 refugees from Australia.

Trump: Okay, but that doesn’t sound like me. It does sound like Obama, so…

Turnbull: And you promised to send us Los Angeles and the Statue of Liberty in exchange for a pair of snow skis and a pint of blue exterior paint.

Trump: That does sound like me. Los Angeles is overrated and the Statue of Liberty is over overrated. I had my National Parks Director check, nothing under the skirt. Make it high gloss. Art of the deal.

Turnbull: You’re very tough negotiator, Mr. President. Throw in the Pacific Fleet and we have a bargain.

Trump: Thanks, Myrtle.

Turnbull: Mr. President?

Trump: I’m smart.

Turnbull: I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Trump: Very smart.

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