Thefloydspin Gets a Timeout!

Actual Photo of a Duck

In the wake of the disastrously normal speech delivered by President Trump last night, thefloydspin will reluctantly take a hiatus from Donald scalding. The duration of our self-imposed timeout will be determined by the next dumb thing “President” Trump does, says, tweets or signs. We had hoped to be back at it as soon as, well, now, with the announcement of the revised travel ban, but that announcement has been delayed because who wants to drop a racist turd on all the good press the boss is enjoying today? So, as we wander the halls of our Washington bureau, humming “Send in the Clowns,” a bottle of Nyquil in one hand and a tear-stained copy of the political cartoon depicting Lyndon Johnson’s appendix scar as a map of Vietnam in the other, we are haunted by the image of a president who does the everyday presidential stuff: making promises he can’t keep, taking credit he doesn’t deserve and blaming others for his mistakes –  all while refraining from calling anyone a fat pig, a pathetic loser or a failing failed failure with delusions of failure. And while America is much better off when the ship of state is piloted by someone with a steady hand, we at thefloydspin hold out hope that soon the dark side of the Trump will re-emerge, Twitter will provide, and Kellyanne, Sean and the rest of the alt-Executive gang will return to doing what they do best, fraying the threads Betsy sewed into our flag faster than you can scream “Mother Russia!” When that happens, gentle readers, thefloydspin will return to our fish-in-a-barrel brand of left leaning political satire aimed straight at the kisser of the Knucklehead-in-Chief. Until then, there’s always Congress!

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