Putin Adopts Donald Trump Jr.

Actual Photo of Junior Signing a Document He’ll Forget

Donald Trump Jr. has changed his story. Again. Trump is now saying the meeting that took place at Trump Tower last June was about Russian adoptions after all. Speaking to Tucker Carlson on Fox News last night, Junior finally came clean with the whole, real, true account of what happened in the meeting.

“Tucker, that meeting wasn’t about getting the goods on Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t about Russian sanctions relief. And it for sure wasn’t about sharing detailed NATO troop deployment figures, including contingency plans for Russian land, air and sea incursions over a three thousand mile corridor. How could it be? Jared didn’t have his security clearance, yet. It was about the love between a vicious tyrant and a vicious tyrant’s son. That was the day I looked into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and knew he would be the dad I never had. That was the day we started adoption proceedings. As of 3 o’clock this afternoon, I’m officially Vladimir Putin’s filthy rich kid.”

Trump said Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ recent comments vindicated his decision to embrace Putin.

“When she said I played a very minor role in the Trump family for a short period of time, that hurt. I played a very minor role in the Trump family for a long period of time. There’s a difference.”

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